Great Pocik Mocik :)


One untold story to be shared;

She safely landed Vanderbilt University, United Stated of America and she's currently struggling for her foundation and Degree there. 
Well, aku tau dia busy. Aku tau dia penat. Sampai2 je terus start programme and dont have too much time on social networks. Or just a lil kind a survey je dekat Facebook/ Twitter dia. I know. I know her/

Short notes,
I miss you, BestFriendForever. Just be there, stay strong, tough and stand. All the best. Go, go and go for Mechanical Engineer soon. Me love you so big so big and triple big :'(

Ini dia punya. Kitorang ada Ben10 sesama. Korg hado? Kbye.
P/s : Celup, thanks for the post. Goodluck dekat sana!

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